You're in the right place - I'm here to help!

You want a professional looking website that's both authentic and strategic - and  that's no easy task.

Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs struggle to create a beautiful website that consistently attracts aligned clients.

You're here because

It's hard build a website that captures attention and creates a powerful first impression without looking gimmicky or trendy.

It's difficult set up a structure that coverts visitors into clients without coming across as 'salesy' or unethical.

It's challenging to create a design that's polished and professional but not 'cookie cutter' or generic.

I design website templates that help you connect deeply with your audience so you can expand your impact - without the price tag of a custom website.

I'm Carissa.

You don't need to invest in an expensive custom design to get a premium-quality website that attracts a steady stream of aligned clients.

Here's the truth...

What you DO need is:

An eye-catching design that captivates your audience before they even read a single word.

Your clients want to feel like you β€˜get them’ and one way to create that connection is with an attractive and well thought-out design. 

A clear and strategic structure.

If your website is confusing or boring, your audience will bounce! The content needs to be easy to navigate, and flow in a way that leads your visitor on an intuitive path toward your key offer.

A template designed by an experienced pro

A well-designed template allows you to have a professional, designer-quality website, without the extended timelines and high costs of a fully custom site. BUT - make sure you choose one designed by a professional (like me! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ) who has experience designing for businesses like yours. 

The Showit Template Collection



you might be wondering

I'm talking about days rather than months! πŸ˜ƒ

The Showit platform is intuitive to use and the templates are easy to set up and customize.

I simplified the design as much as possible so you won't have to sort through redundant pages or bells and whistles that you don't need.

They are ready to launch in record time


Not everyone obsesses over the details like I do! 🀣

You get the high quality design work that my custom clients do.

It’s not as simple as putting together a color palette and some trendy fonts. It’s structure, balance, proportion, cohesion, white space, and so much more. 

It’s the combination of a million little things that ensure your site doesn't come across as chaotic or amateurish.

They are designed by an expereinced pro


And not in a cringey unethical way. πŸ˜–

You won't find:
Intrusive pop ups, countdown timers, or confusing pages that keep you spinning in circles.

You will find: Intuitive navigation, clear and concise pages, and a thoughtful structure that allows your visitors to find what they’re looking for with ease.

They are built to Convert visitors into clients


Here's what makes these templates different... in a good way πŸ˜‰

You don't want to use the Showit platform. Most of my clients find Showit very intuitive and easy to use (even if they aren't 'tech savvy'), but there's always a learning curve with anything new.

This showit TEMPLATE is probably not for you if:

This Showit template is a great fit for you if:

Will this template work for ME?

You are past the stage of wanting a simple, generic website. You want your website to authentically reflect your values and vibe.

You are willing to invest in quality but don't want to overspend on a custom website that comes with a hefty price tag and extended timelines.

Your business isn't in the solopreneur / service provider / coach / creative entrepreneur category. For example, if you run an e-commerce shop, this won't be the best template for you.

You want more of a 'done for you experience'.
I've already done most of the heavy lifting when it comes to the template design, BUT - it's up to you to swap in your own copy and make the template your own. Don't worry - I do provide the support you need to launch a site you're proud of!

You're tired of feeling that tiny pang of embarrassment when you send someone to your website. What you really want is a website that conveys your expertise, professionalism, and the quality of your work.

You're trapped in the dreaded DIY loop where you spend hours hunched over your computer, but the result is never quite as polished or professional as you evisioned. Starting with a professionally designed template is the most efficient and easy way to get a premium website without the custom price tag.

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Let's get into the details.

You get easy to use Canva templates for your:
  • Logo
  • Browser icon
  • Social Sharing Image

Canva templates to update your brand:

Showit 101 Course
  • It's quick and FREE! In less than an hour you'll learn everything you need to know to get started with Showit. 
  • This course is concise and straight forward - perfect for beginners. You get written instructions, screenshots and short video clips to follow.

Support to help you get your site set Up and Launched

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Sales Page
  • Contact
  • Blog Page
  • Blog Post
  • Opt-in Page
  • Social Links
  • 404
  • Legal Pages

A professionally designed premium Showit template including these pages:


What you get

Showit Learning Hub
  • If you aren't into the course format, you'll love the learning hub. 
  • Watch the 'Learn Showit in 30 minutes' video, or skip directly to the clip that you need. 
  • Find well-organized help docs to get you the instructions you need quickly.

Email support from me πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ
  • Email me your question and I'll respond with instructions in a quick video. 

- Lauren Van Mullem - Ethical Copywriter

β€œI'm obsessed with my website. It's SO beautiful. It makes me excited about my business every time I see it, and I'm going to feel so proud to show it to people. I'm also excited about how much easier it is for my clients to use.”


- Vickie Dickson - Human Design Expert

"I freaking love my website. It brings me paid clients and business every single week. #truestory  I think you're the most amazing web designer I've ever met - and I mean that!"


- Zuza Engler - Conscious Movement & Somatics Leader

" I had *the* best tech/graphics experience of my entire life –which is its own kind of healing for the place in me traumatized by past experiences of hiring so many wrong people. She is responsive, fun, caring, and incredibly generous. "


- Lindsay Stockall - Boutique Marketing Agency Owner

"Your skill set was incredible - and the end product is an absolute knockout. It totally levels up my brand and will help me attract my ideal client while positioning my business as a top service provider."


Jocelyne Pare - Business Strategist & Educator

β€œWOW Carissa!, I mean I am kinda speechless! My feedback is that its amazing!! Even the wording! You get me! I love the overall layout and feel."

Kind words from clients

Here are the options

Wondering what it costs?

One Easy Payment


Pay in Full

Per month for 2 months


Payment Plan

Save $50

Because the Showit templates are digital products, I don't offer refunds.

An Important Note:

Please review that details carefully and check out the demo site before you purchase!

Contact me HERE if you have any questions!

Sign up for Showit and install your new template - simply enter your share key and you're ready to start!



How it works

Swap in your copy and photos, and then customize as much or little as you want. Showit makes it easy!

Customize it


You can launch your professionally designed website in days - NOT months! No more endless tinkering with your site!



Learn more about the Truer Copy Workbooks β†’

Lauren designed these DIY copy workbooks to help you write ethical website copy - without being salesy or manipulative. PLUS - Every section in this website template corresponds with a section in the copy workbooks for easy updating!

by Lauren Van Mullem

The Truer Copy Workbooks

You need compelling copy.
This will help.

One more thing - 

Frequently Asked Questions

I like the way you think. That's a question I would ask too πŸ˜‰

The MAIN BENEFIT over less expensive options is that you get the advantage of my professional design expertise built right in to your template.

I'm a Showit Design Partner - which means I've completed a rigorous training and review process by Showit, and they've certified me as an expert on their platform.

I have an extensive portfolio of custom projects for all types of coaches, healers, educators, service providers, and creative entrepreneurs. I've taken all of the strategies and design secrets that I'd include in a custom design - and bundled them into these Showit templates for a fraction of the price!

What makes your premium showit templates different from less expensive options?


Absolutely! Customization is at the heart of theses Showit templates. You'll have the flexibility to change colors, fonts, layouts, and more to align with your brand's unique identity. 

Can I customize the template to make it unique?


These templates are designed to work with the Truer Copy Workbooks by Truer Words by Lauren. Every section in the website template has a matching section in the Truer Copy workbook. Use the workbook to write compelling copy, and then copy/paste it into your  - professionally designed website template!

What about my website copy?


Yes, every template is designed to be fully responsive on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You have full control over the mobile design, so you'll never have to worry about things cutting off or overlapping awkwardly.

Are your templates mobile-responsive?


I recommend the Showit 101 Course and the Showit Learning Hub. Both are FREE, take less than an hour, and teach you everything you need to know to get started with your Showit site.

You also get email support from me - email me your question and I'll record a quick video to help you out.

What kind of support can I expect after purchasing a template?


These Showit templates are optimized for SEO with the correct page structure, heading tags, and photo optimizations. The best way to build SEO is to publish blogs that feature your keywords.



Every website is different, and the time to launch depends on how much you customize your template. But as a general estimate, you can plan on days or weeks (NOT months!)

How long will it take me to launch my site?


Because the Showit template is a digital product, I don't offer refunds. Please review that details carefully and check out the demo site before you purchase! Contact me HERE if you have any questions!

What is your refund policy?


Nope! The Showit templates come with a carefully curated collection of stock photos. All you need is 2 or 3 photos of yourself. Of course, if you want to, you can swap out the stock photos with high-quality photos of your own. 

Do I need professional photos?


Showit is a web design and hosting platform that allows you to create a completely custom desktop and mobile website with a drag and drop interface and NO CODING!!! It integrates with WordPress for easy blogging and SEO. I've designed on most of the popular platforms including Wordpress and Squarespace, and Showit is my favorite by far! Most of my clients find Showit very intuitive and easy to use. Check out THIS POST for an in-depth review.

What is Showit?


I used the sales page from the Homebody template to design this page!
If you'd like to create something similar...

Did you notice?

Go to the TEmplate shop and choose your favorite!